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REDUCEL is a Spanish, private-owned company mainly dedicated to the manufacturing of medium and big-sized parts which require very high-quality standards and very specific technologies.


REDUCEL was incorporated in 1955 and it is located in Zaragoza, Spain. The original company was created by Antonio Zamorano  and its activity was mainly related to the manufacturing of gears of all kinds (Cylindrical gear, helicoidal gears, bevel gears, worm gears, etc.) and gearboxes for different applications under its own brand name ANZA. In the nineties, wind power is highly developed in Spain and the company specializes in WTG components, specially yaw rings. In 1994, the company name is changed to REDUCEL.


The company uses very specific process and high-technology CNC machines. Some of our machines are specifically designed and built by ourselves, making them perfectly adapted to our own needs.


Since 1990, REDUCEL has accumulated many successful references in the Wind Power Sector, and has become a key supplier for some of the top WTG manufactures in the World.


REDUCEL remains committed to personal attention and the flexibility of a medium-sized company. Because of this commitment, REDUCEL can quickly change directions and give proactive answers as the requirements of our customers change.


We provide innovative and cost-effective industrial solutions

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